an evastars retrospective

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tech historian and experimental artist rachel simone weil is the producer behind pfft: an evastars retrospective. what follows is a description of this project in her own words.


do you remember evastars? if the memory of this early 2000s pixel-art collective is fuzzy and dreamlike, don't fret. the content of pfft: an evastars retrospective is a blend of fact and fiction designed to illuminate the incomplete and fast-eroding reality of historical web subcultures, especially those formed by girls and women.

those familiar with my glitch art practice or my historical research for femicom museum will be aware that my work often plays at the borders of reality. and like my previous work, pfft is not to meant to deceive but instead to fill the aching gaps where few historical traces remain.

there was no evastars collective. and yet, almost all of the content of pfft: an evastars retrospective is absolutely real. the illustrated glossary is full of authentic information, screenshots, and links. yaxa and eva are both loosely based on myself. the real me, rachel, did participate in me/you/site culture, did hack nes roms, did make kaoani and trade q*bee patches. the playlist features music i was listening to in the early 2000s. the software and computer specs are authentic, too, down to the 512 mb of ram in the pc i built in 2002. in sum, the only fictitious part of pfft is the suggestion that the me/you/site is so culturally recognizable that it spawned a 20th-anniversary remaster, an nft rip-off scandal, and a line of nostalgic merchandise. in reality, most of me/you/site culture vanished as sites went offline or migrated to new homes on tumblr and wordpress, leaving its history largely untold. in lieu of more artifacts and profiles of hostesses, affies, and other me/you/site webmistresses of the early 2000s, i sincerely hope you enjoy pfft: an evastars retrospective.


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