an evastars retrospective

<< currently... >>


riffing on the currently format of y2k-era me/you/sites, eva and yaxa have put together their own currently updates for 2023.

eva is currently...

eating ☘ buttered toast
listening to ☘ endless summer vacation, miley cyrus
reading ☘ illusions in motion: media archaeology of the moving panorama and related spectacles
playing ☘ yoshi's crafted world (nintendo switch)
watching ☘ tim's vermeer
feeling ☘ sleepy

yaxa is currently...

eating ☘ instant ramen
drinking ☘ coffee
listening to ☘ the evastars y2k playlist, yessssss~
playing ☘ super mario no picross for super famicom
reading ☘ television electronics
watching ☘ youtube reviews of audio looper hardware
thinking about ☘ recording music, building guitar pedals, setting up my oscilloscope, organizing my video game collection, backing up my hard drive, and everything i'm supposed to do the weekend but probably won't...


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