2003 — 2023

an evastars retrospective

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evastars was a formative voice in the underground pixel-art subculture led by teenage webmistresses of the early 2000s. they used self-taught skills to build countercultural, diy-minded communities around creating and trading pixels (pixel-art collectibles and other graphic assets). while evastars never enjoyed mainstream popularity, their influence can be seen today in chipmusic, cybertwee, demoscene, retrogaming, open-source software, kawaii goth, and arguably even the contemporary nft art trend. evastars has taken a decidedly anti-nft stance in recent years, exemplified in their terse retort: "nft? pfft!"

approaching the 20th anniversary of evastars' "pixel friends" series, the original members of evastars have partnered with the welcome to my homepage digital residency program and digital preservationist rachel simone weil of femicom museum to produce pfft: an evastars retrospective. this retrospective project includes a short documentary to be released in late 2023 as well as an official remaster of selected works from the pixel friends series. join us in celebration of this influential all-girl net art collective!


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ugh sooo good! excited to read through it all 💕✨

— jackie (@jackieis_online) March 12, 2023

nostalgia hits hard

— ✨️ Joisu ✨️ (@jojojoisu) March 8, 2023

So many unlocked memories 🥲

— Veronica Wong (@supervee) March 8, 2023

this makes me feel so nostalgic 🥺

— sailor mercury (@sailorhg) March 8, 2023

PLEASE! and thank u s2

— hkkmrDELE (@hkkmrBOT) March 12, 2023


— Stacie (@satsie) March 7, 2023

pfft is made possible with support from femicom museum and welcome to my homepage