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You can donate to FEMICOM Museum via PayPal. FEMICOM Museum is volunteer-run, and 100% of donations go toward collection items or operating costs. Please note that we are not yet a non-profit, so donations are not tax-deductible.

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FEMICOM Museum does not currently hire staff for writing essays or conducting research. However, if you have written an article that you think would be appropriate to cross-post on FEMICOM, let us know. We'll determine if the article is a good fit and, if so, include it on our site.


FEMICOM thanks the following individuals for their donation of games, funds, or services.

  • Andrew Reitano
  • Cameron L.
  • Daniel B.
  • Emily Weaver
  • Grace Voong
  • Kelsey Lewin
  • Love Hz
  • Marlen H.
  • Mary D.
  • Michael D.
  • Omar C.
  • Paul DeCarlo
  • Paul M.
  • Peter Swimm
  • Sawa Matsueda Savage
  • Susan M.
  • Valerie d. Walker
  • ...you?

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