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Emulating the Casio Loopy with Phil Bennett

Posted May 12, 2023 by Rachel Weil

In recent years, the Casio Loopy video game console has earned a cult following among retrogaming enthusiasts. Part of the mystery around this Japanese sticker-printing game console from the 90s lies in the fact that it has yet to be emulated. But engineer Phil Bennett has been on the case since 2021, when he spoke with FEMICOM about extracting the Loopy BIOS and moving toward preliminary emulation support in MAME.

It didn't actually take too long before I had a couple of games running. I think Anime Land was the first game to actually, you know, start running and produce something visibly recognizable. So, [...] you get one game running and then you start to get the others running.

Listen to the full interview with Bennett below.

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