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Easy-Bake Kitchen

Easy-Bake Kitchen is a CD-ROM playset that is controlled with a large plastic kitchen that overlays the computer keyboard.

Item type computer game

Release date 1999

Release region North America

Genres cooking minigames

Your memories

  • When I was young, my grandmother bought my sister and I an Easy Bake Kitchen CD rom Playset. We both loved baking, so we enjoyed the interactive, hands on set that could connect to the PC. Several times we would loose the rolling pin and have to spend ages looking for it (as it detached from the base). I use to really enjoy getting all of my favorite items baked to perfection for the giant tea party—but I do remember being quite upset when everyone ate the foods so fast leaving a huge mess of crumbs! I was always so upset that they ate it too fast leaving a mess for me to clean up. This cooking set was really one of the highlights of my Computer Playing childhood. —Jupiter Hadley, 2016
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