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The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon

The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon is a game developed by 3VR for play on Windows 95 PCs. The game was created with motion capture technology and features a variety of minigames.

Item type computer game

Release date 1996

Release region North America

Genres action-adventure dress-up minigames puzzle

Your memories

  • I was a huge Sailor Moon fan as a kid and unnerved my parents about this awesome PC game I found while researching about my Sailor Moon obsession. At this time my mum had a friend and co-worker who was married to an American which enabled them to order this game. I do not know exactly which strings they pulled but in the end they could buy "The 3-D Adventures of Sailor Moon" PC Game via the PX-Store of an American Army Base in Germany! So since it was an US import game it was a big deal (for me) back in the days, haha. —Marlen, 2013
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